My services

While you browse through this page, there are a couple of things to keep in mind: 1) I offer sliding scale on all of my services except for the consultation; 2) before booking any one of these services you can schedule a free 15-minute call with me (phone or Skype) to get your questions answered. You can also email me your questions by clicking  here.

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Culinary nutrition one-on-one cooking class and coaching

What’s included:

  • The class will take place in my kitchen where I will demonstrate 4 recipes (you will be able to pick your four in advance; you will be able to specify your own dietary preferences);
  • You will receive written materials for each recipe and the ingredients that we will be using;
  • You will learn techniques used in preparation of each dish so you can get the most nutrition out of your ingredients.

Pantry and Fridge MAKEOVER*

What’s included:

  • We will look at the items in your pantry and the fridge and identify the ones that don’t belong there based on the specific goals you want your family to achieve;
  • I will recommend pantry essentials you need to get in order to succeed at your new lifestyle;
  • I will suggest sources and vendors for the alternative products.

*Best to be done before the Grocery Store Tour

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Grocery store tour

What’s included:

  • Trip to the grocery store of your choosing;
  • We will find the products you frequently use in your home and review ingredients to determine which ones to keep;
  • We will find nutrient rich alternatives to the foods you may need to let go of;
  • Introduce you to new products that you can add to your daily menu